Ciel Finance

Established in 2013, CIEL Finance Limited (‘’CFL’’) is the financial platform of CIEL Group, a Mauritian conglomerate present in a wide range of sectors (hospitality, healthcare, real estate).

The development of the financial sector in Mauritius and the attractive positioning of the island led the Group to structure a new pole around its four financial activities.

  • Banking (Bank One in Mauritius and BNI in Madagascar, currently being transferred)
  • Trust Services (MITCO)
  •  Asset Management (IPRO)
  • Private Equity (KIBO)

Through its subsidiaries, CFL operates in more than half a dozen countries, including Mauritius, Madagascar, Seychelles, Kenya, South Africa and Botswana and employs more than 1100 employees.

CFL is now run by a banker, Marc Emmanuel Vives, who has a large experience in emerging markets, with the mission of developing synergies between the different entities of the platform and its expansion in sub-Saharan Africa.

Role and added value of Amethis

The presence of Amethis as an active shareholder and partner will open new opportunities for this new platform and accelerate its deployment in Sub-Saharan Africa. The Amethis team will put its large network of banks and financial institutions across Africa and Europe to the benefit of CFL in order to create partnerships and high value-added synergies.

Partnerships with Chase Bank Kenya and Fidelity Bank Ghana are already under consideration.