With more than 35 years’ experience, Velogic is the leading transport and logistics services company in Mauritius. It is the only one-stop-shop for transport and logistics services with a comprehensive offer including sea and air freight forwarding, transport, agency and bulk shipping, container services and warehousing.

Velogic is a subsidiary of the listed conglomerate Rogers and Company which is active in various sectors such as aviation and tourism, logistics, financial services and real estate.

The Company enjoys strong market position in the Indian Ocean thanks to tailor-made and high-quality logistics solutions, historical relationships with shipping lines, airlines and agents, highly experienced personnel, extensive international coverage and robust I.T. platform.

Velogic ambitions to strengthen its positions in its current markets, improve its profitability by focusing on high margins activities and expand into Africa and Indian Ocean markets.

Amethis role and value

Amethis equity investment will support Velogic’s growth and regional expansion. Amethis network in Europe and Africa will be a key asset in identifying potential targets and building strategic partnerships. In addition, Amethis will support the implementation by the company of an E&S action plan. Amethis will adopt a hands-on approach with board seats and an active participation in the company’s strategy and governance.