Investment Strategy

Active shareholder in regional champions

  • Successful local mid-caps, €10-50m average ticket with ambitious expansion plans
  • A long-term, responsible and active shareholder
  • Access to Amethis' network, source of growth and value-add
  • Hands-on approach


  • Focus on Europe and Africa’s most diversified economies, less dependant on raw materials and with an economy driven by a strong domestic demand
  • Sectors delivering goods and services to the African consumers in B2B and B2C

Exclusive partnerships

  • Long-standing local relationships
  • A majority of our portfolio investments are proprietary transactions

A rigorous investment discipline

  • Selective investment process
  • Rigorous post-acquisition management with clear objectives
  • Supporting companies in improving their governance

Adapted exit strategies

  • Focusing on Africa’s mid-to-long term potential to reduce risk and volatility
  • Exit strategies adapted to our partner companies' priorities

A global network of investors and partners

  • Access to a network of investors and companies and to co-financing capabilities
  • Many of Amethis’ transactions are made with co-investors