Supporting education-based local initiatives as a powerful force for social transformation

At Amethis, we have decided to prioritize education initiatives, guided by the belief that it serves as a foundational pillar for holistic socio-economic development across our countries of activity.

In Africa, a continent where only 30 to 50% of secondary-school-aged children are attending school and 7 to 23% (1) of tertiary-school-aged youth are enrolled, supporting educational projects can help address systemic issues at their roots, empowering future generations to contribute meaningfully to their communities and the broader society. We see education not merely as a means to acquire knowledge but as a powerful force for social transformation to the benefit of men and women.


Our support to Centrale Casablanca foundation

The Centrale Casablanca Foundation

CentraleSupélec is one of the top French engineering school. Amethis supports its Moroccan outfit, Centrale Casablanca, thanks to the “Fonds Parcours Réussite” of the Centrale-Supélec Foundation. Since the establishment of Centrale Casablanca, this fund has provided crucial financial support of €700 per semester to students in need during their first three semesters of study.

Opened in 2015, Centrale Casablanca is positioned as a university pole of pan-African dimension, perfectly integrated into the entrepreneurial ecosystem of the MENA region. The “Parcours Réussite” Program aspires to reinforce Centrale Casablanca’s role as a social elevator, enabling students from modest socioeconomic backgrounds to pursue their education with financial support.

The Foundation’s main successes

  • Since 2016, 271 students have been beneficiaries of the program, with 27% being female.
  • The program has supported 70% Moroccan students and 30% students from Sub-Saharan Africa.

Our partnership with the Roots Institute Centre in Nairobi

Roots Institute Centre (RIC)’s mission

Located in the heart of the slum of Mathare in Nairobi, RIC is a charitable organization aiming to alleviate poverty by increasing access to education.

With an average income of €2 per day in Mathare, very few families can afford secondary school fees of €100 / child / year. RIC offers children of Mathare free quality pre-primary and primary education in a safe environment, and donor sponsored access to secondary education since April 2021 to the best performing pupils from underserved backgrounds thanks to financial scholarships.

Our support to the Roots Institute Centre

  • Funding scholarship fees for pupils
  • Providing financial support for books and food to sustain the current school operations:
    • Improved kid’s meal (bananas, avocado etc.)
    • New textbooks
  • Pro bono engagement of the Amethis team in Kenya
  • Acting as a catalyst to mobilize further partners (including by engaging current and former portfolio companies)