Impact & Value Creation
in Africa and Europe

Small & Mid Caps


Strategy Small Caps
North Africa and the Middle East

Strategy Small Caps

€1.2 bn
raisedsince 2012
companies investedsince 2012
different nationalitiesamong 50+ professionals
jobs supportedsince 2012
net jobs createdsince 2012


Amethis is an impact-oriented private equity firm focusing on financial, environmental and social sustainability

The funds managed by Amethis are dedicated to Africa, Europe and the Middle East. As a committed investor, we provide equity financing to companies supplying quality goods and services to businesses and populations in these three geographical areas.

With an experienced team of more than 50 people in 6 countries, we offer our portfolio companies support and expertise at both operational and strategic levels. For over a decade, we have accelerated the growth of our partners and systematically improved their environmental and social impacts.

Amethis is a member of the Edmond de Rothschild Private Equity Partnership.


3 growth strategies
3 investment geographies

Amethis invests in Sub-Saharan Africa, North Africa & Middle East and Europe. We support national and regional leaders over the long term, targeting the sectors that can generate resilient and sustainable growth.
We implement investment and co-investment strategies tailored to each company taking into account its specific environment, ensuring diversification and financial performance to our investors, as well as a positive impact on the environment and local communities. The synergies generated around these strategies maximise value creation.

Small & Mid Caps Africa

Small & Mid Caps Africa

  • Sales: €30-200 M
  • Majority and minority transactions
  • Ticket size by deal: €25-40 M or more
Small Caps North Africa and Middle East

Small Caps North Africa and Middle East

  • Sales: €5-40 M
  • Majority and minority transactions
  • Ticket size by deal: €5-15 M
Small Caps Europe

Small Caps Europe

  • Sales: €10-200 M
  • Majority and minority transactions
  • Ticket size by deal: €10-25 M or more


Be an impact investor committed to social responsibility, environmental protection and governance

Reducing Inequalities

In a few years’ time, Africa will be populated by 2.4 billion people, and the continent still today concentrates on a large number of inequalities, both between countries and within their populations. An increasing number of African consumers are the recipients of the quality goods and services of the local companies we invest in.
By supporting national and regional players, we are encouraging economic diversification and stable employment creation in promising sectors, and helping to improve living conditions for local people.

Environment and Climate

Climate change poses a profound existential threat to our ways of life, to the development of emerging economies, and more generally to humanity.
Amethis integrates climate considerations in the different regions and sectors in which we operate, which have their own specific characteristics, and to engage with our stakeholders to address this challenge together.

Quality Employment and Gender

Quality of employment and gender are included in our due diligences and the action plans we implement with our portfolio companies.
As private equity investors, we are well equipped to support and create quality jobs, by promoting job creation within our portfolio companies, and by implementing action plans to foster women empowerment.


We actively support our portfolio companies in implementing best practices in governance, which drives sustainable growth.
When Amethis exits a company, it is significantly better equipped for long-term success than it was before our investment.
All our funds are classified as Article 8 or 9 under the EU regulation SFDR


Our impact in action

Capital Banking Solutions
Small Caps Europe

Inclusion of ESG objectives in variable compensation and management packages

Groupe Office Automation
Small Caps Europe

Amethis promotes value-sharing with portfolio companies employees

HB Aesthetics
Small Caps Europe

Improving the resource consumption of portfolio companies

Small & Mid Caps Africa

Amethis supports companies on their gender journey

Small Caps North Africa & Middle East

Micro-irrigation as a tool to address water scarcity

Groupe Office Automation
Small Caps Europe

Strengthening executive and non-executive functions to ensure long-term sustainability

Small & Mid Caps Africa

Cleaner cooking solutions


Supporting African and European champions

2024 Egypte
In portfolio


Egyptian regional consultant specialized in enterprise data management and AI services

2024 France
In portfolio

Capital Banking Solutions

European player in banking software publishing and integration

2023 Maroc
In portfolio


Pan-African provider of telecom infrastructure services

2023 Maroc
In portfolio

Energy Transfo

Supplier of transformers and electrical equipment in Morocco

2023 Egypte
In portfolio


Manufacturer of pharmaceutical products in Egypt

2023 Espagne
In portfolio

HB Aesthetics

Spanish manufacturer and distributor of cosmetic products

2023 Maroc
In portfolio

ASK Gras Savoye

Pan-African insurance broker

2022 Maroc
In portfolio


Shipping, forwarding and warehousing solutions in Morocco and sub-Saharan Africa

2022 Côte d’Ivoire
In portfolio


Manufacture of precast concrete products in Côte d’Ivoire

2022 France
In portfolio

Groupe Office Automation

French B2B distributor of computer hardware and software

2022 Egypte
In portfolio

GlobalCorp Financial Services

Leasing and factoring solutions for companies and SMEs in Egypt

2021 Jordanie
In portfolio


Technology and language services company in the Middle East

2021 Afrique australe
In portfolio

Avacare Health

Manufacturer and distributor of pharmaceutical products and medical consumables in Southern Africa

2021 Maroc
In portfolio


Micro-irrigation systems in Morocco and in Senegal

2021 Sénégal
In portfolio


Manufacturer and distributor of livestock feed, wheat flour and pasta in Senegal

2019 Maurice
In portfolio

Rogers Hospitality

Hotel group in Mauritius

2018 Mozambique
In portfolio

Merec Industries

Largest wheat miller in Mozambique

2018 Maroc
In portfolio

Groupe Premium

Distribution of capital goods in Morocco and French-speaking Africa

2017 Côte d’Ivoire
In portfolio


Consumer goods in West Africa

2017 Maroc
In portfolio


Moroccan manufacturing company specializing in household products and consumer goods

2016 Kenya
In portfolio


Market leader in consumer goods in East Africa

2016 Maroc

Best Health

Distributor of med-tech equipment for hospitals and clinics in Morocco

2015 Nigeria
In portfolio


Production and recycling of paper products in Nigeria

2015 Côte d’Ivoire
In portfolio


Leading network of private hospitals, dental centers, diagnostic centers and other specialized centers in West Africa

2015 Côte d’Ivoire
In portfolio


Insurance and banking in West and Central Africa


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EIB Global Invests €25 million in Amethis Fund III to Promote Sustainable Growth of African Businesses

29 May 2024
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Proparco, through Fisea+, and Amethis introduce a technical assistance facility for ESG and impact projects, benefiting Amethis MENA Fund II companies

16 May 2024
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Amethis invests in BBI, the leading data management consultancy firm in the MENA region

12 February 2024