Investment cycle

How we make a difference with our investments

We invest with intentionality to help companies progress towards more sustainable business models. Sustainable considerations are at every stage of the investment cycle.

Step 01. Investment

  • First assessment of ESG and impact potential
  • Exclusion lists
  • External ESG and impact due diligence
  • ESG and impact action plan
  • Submission of conclusions and action plan to the investment committee
  • Contractualization of ESG and impact requirements with portfolio companies

Step 02. Portfolio

  • Monitoring of action plan progress
  • ESG and impact is on the agenda of board meetings
  • Technical assistance to help companies fund ESG and impact actions
  • Reporting to LPs
  • Incentivizing companies and Amethis teams by including ESG and impact objectives in remuneration mechanisms

Step 03. Exit

  • Taking stock of accomplishments and next steps
  • Sustained impact thanks to the ESG governance built within companies to ensure that the sustainability journey will continue

How our investments lead to positive impact


Investing with intentionality

Systematic implementation of action plans to help companies progress towards more sustainable business models:

  • Strengthening occupational health and safety practices
  • Strengthening employee skills
  • Sharing value with employees through shareholding plans
  • Development of carbon plans
  • Strengthening corporate governance by appointing independent directors

Investing in solutions to sustainable development challenges

  • Healthcare
  • Financial inclusion
  • Adaptation to climate change

Our story

Our ESG and impact journey

ESG & Impact have been part of Amethis’ investment thesis since its inception in 2012, and we have been implementing a continuous improvement approach ever since.


Amethis Fund III

  • Amethis Fund III
  • ESG-linked carry
  • Technical assistance

ESG-linked carry

  • Gender and climate action plans
  • Impact principles disclosure and external verification
  • Investments in Europe

Technical assistance

  • Commitments on impact, gender and climate

Gender and climate action plans

  • Gender charter

Impact principles disclosure and external verification

  • Full-time E&S manager

Investments in Europe

  • First E&S reporting

Commitments on impact, gender and climate

  • First E&S due diligences and action plans

Gender charter

  • E&S risk management
  • 4 pillar impact approach


We support the main industry initiatives on ESG and Impact


Responsible company and employer: our internal footprint

Managing our GHG emissions

Through our activities, in particular our business travel, we emit greenhouse gases. Although the proportions are considerably lower than the emissions of our portfolio companies, we nevertheless have a responsibility to work on our own scale.

Carrying out our carbon footprint (scopes 1, 2 and 3) enables us to identify our main emission sources, and to formalize concrete actions to manage them. Our travel policy and the opening of local offices in several African countries have enabled us to limit the emissions associated with our travel, which is our main source of emissions given the geographical areas in which we operate.

Promoting women employment

As signatories of France Invest’s Parity Charter, we are committed to increasing the share of women in our investment teams. Our various commitments are measured annually and reported to management so that we can monitor our progress and take appropriate measures to achieve our objectives. To facilitate their achievement of these objectives, Amethis is committed to implementing measures to:

  • Ensure that every person involved in the recruitment process is aware of gender issues, discrimination and stereotypes.
  • Promote gender inclusive and bias free recruitment, career progression, retention and evaluation policy.

Our team of ESG experts

As a responsible private equity manager, we aim to combine financial profitability and economic, social and environmental impact.

To this end, since 2019, Amethis has had a full-time ESG manager, enabling us to effectively monitor our companies’ ESG action plans and to be involved in more and more impact initiatives.

In 2022-2023, we have therefore worked to find ways of facilitating the implementation of our ESG action plans. This has resulted in the recruitment of two new ESG experts, enabling us to spend more time supporting each company.


More informations about our impact policy


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