Investing with impact in Africa

Reducing Inequalities

In a few years’ time, Africa will be populated by 2.4 billion people, and the continent still today concentrates on a large number of inequalities, both between countries and within their populations. An increasing number of African consumers are the recipients of the quality goods and services of the local companies we invest in.

By supporting national and regional players, we are encouraging economic diversification and stable employment creation in promising sectors, and helping to improve living conditions for local people.

Amethis is a signatory of the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment and a member of the Operational Principles for Impact Management.

€460 M
amount of co-investmentgenerated by Amethis Activity for investments in African companies
companies investedsince 2014
number of countrieswith a direct or indirect presence, including 33 of least developed countries and lower-middle income countries

Case studies:

Amethis supports the provision of quality goods and services across various sectors and geographies. In doing so, we are contributing -in our humble capacity- to the evolution of people’s living conditions:

  • Healthcare: Companies such as Novamed (hospitals), Best Health (distribution of medical equipment), Avacare (distribution of medicines) and Marcyrl (production of medicines for chronic diseases) are positioned to provide healthcare for people at different income levels.
  • Cooking: Sodigaz, in Burkina Faso, provides cooking equipment that enables the transition from charcoal to gas. The use of traditional charcoal or wood stoves for cooking poses serious issues, both in human terms, with the premature death of 400,000 women and children each year, and in environmental terms (GHG emissions and deforestation).
  • Water management: Magriser optimizes water resource management in a country – Morocco – increasingly affected by water stress.
  • Eating: Merec (in Mozambique) directly and indirectly enables the distributing of 5 million breadsticks at €0.09; NMA Sanders (in Senegal), a producer of poultry and livestock feed, enables the local production of proteins, while Naivas (in Kenya) serves 5 million consumers per month with an average basket value at €6.50 and 80% of local products, generating significant financial income for Kenyan producers.

Environment and Climate

At Amethis, we aim to integrate climate considerations in the different regions and sectors in which we operate, which have their own specific characteristics, and to engage with our stakeholders to address this challenge together.

In our investment process, we carry out climate due diligence and design appropriate action plans, focused on mitigation and adaptation where relevant. We help companies carry out carbon footprints and set targets to manage emissions as well as progressing on environmental issues such as waste management, pollution and resource consumption.

Amethis is a Member of the Initiative Climat International.

of ESG action plansinclude environmental and/or carbon-related objectives
companies supportedmicro-irrigation
companies supportedcleaner cooking
carbon action planintégrated into compensation mechanisms where possible

3. Quality employment and gender

As private equity investors, we are well equipped to support and create quality jobs. In particular, Amethis:

  • Supports job creation within portfolio companies, including in disadvantaged regions such as Sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Improves the quality of jobs, by helping companies progress on topics such as health & safety of employees, training, value sharing with employees.
  • Contributes to women empowerment, as we work with a majority of companies to increase the proportion of women in the workforce and management teams.
  • Invests in some sectors with intuitive direct and indirect employment.

Quality of employment and gender are included in our due diligences and the action plans we implement with our portfolio companies.

Amethis is a signatory of France Invest’s Charter for value-sharing with employees, and a participant to Level 20 that aim to improve gender diversity in the private equity industry.

total direct jobssupported since 2014
total direct jobscreated from 2014 to 2022
number of womenemployees (30 %)
funds qualifiedfor the 2X Challenge (gender qualification)
total indirect jobssupported since 2014


We actively support our portfolio companies in implementing best practices in governance, which drives sustainable growth.

Our value-add in this area adresses various complementary angles:

  • Human capital reinforcement: strengthening both management teams and boards of directors is paramount to achieve better results;
  • Develop financial culture: we help companies improve their financial reporting, budgeting, and forecasting to optimize resource allocation and funding;
  • Promoting gender diversity to bring women to leadership positions;
  • Enacting business integrity practices is essential for sustainable business and expansion.
  • We encourage the inclusion of ESG objectives in variable compensation and management packages.

When Amethis exits a potfolio company, it is significantly better equipped for long-term success than it was before our investment.

All our funds are classified as Article 8 or 9 under the EU regulation SFDR


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