Case studies

Improving the resource consumption of portfolio companies

7 October 2023 • Case studies
  • 15% of HBA products sold in 2023 had a glass jar
  • 1 new brand dedicated to second-hand equipment was created by GOA in 2023
  • 90% less raw materials used

We support our portfolio companies in their efforts to reduce resource consumption and waste.

Spain-based cosmetics manufacturer HB Aesthetics, for example, has embarked on a program to replace its plastic containers with glass ones. 15 % of products sold by 2023 have already undergone a change of container, and HB Aesthetics’ ambition is for 100 % of newly-designed products to be contained in a glass jar.

Groupe Office Automation, a major French player in IT equipment, launched in 2023 a new brand dedicated to second-hand equipment. Printers are sent to a partner factory to be remanufactured. Machines are cleaned, checked and damaged parts are replaced, before the machine is reassembled. Hard-drive data are erased, and the latest software is installed. This is estimated to use up to 90 % less raw materials*, while costing less than new machines. These types of initiatives are much needed, as e-waste could reached 120 million tons per year by 2050. Reconditioning and extending equipment lifespan is a key factor to reduce the carbon footprint of IT.