Case studies

Micro-irrigation as a tool to address water scarcity

15 October 2022 • Case studies
  • 57% to 70% water deficit in Morocco
  • 100 million m3 of water saved per year
  • 3,500 tonnes of butane gas saved per year

Water scarcity is quickly becoming a major concern in many regions. Among the nine key planetary boundaries, the freshwater cycle is the sixth and latest one to have been crossed (in 2023). Morocco has been experiencing hydric deficits ranging from 57% to 70% in recent years. This is particularly concerning as approx. 87% of water withdrawals are directed towards agriculture, a sector employing nearly 40% of the active population and accounting for 15% of the GDP. It is becoming clear that climate-smart agriculture using drip irrigation and other means of using water more efficiently can help reduce demand on freshwater supplies.

In 2021, Amethis took a majority share in Magriser, a pioneering company in the Moroccan micro-irrigation sector, which plays an important role in the Moroccan agricultural sector’s efforts to adapt to water stress. Through its drip irrigation and solar pumping systems, Magriser contributes to the saving of 100 million m3 of water and 3,500 tonnes of butane gas per year.