We are pleased to share our impact report with you

Amethis is pleased to share its impact report with you

Since our founding in 2012, we have integrated responsible investment into the core of our principles and practices. We have developed a comprehensive conceptual framework that goes beyond the financial dimension of our activities and allows us to demonstrate our approach to creating global value for the African continent. The balance we have strived for between financial performance and economic, social and environmental impacts makes sense in the context of this continent, where there are many challenges and opportunities for the population and the environment.

Since 2012, we have progressively increased our internal resources (and within our holdings as well) dedicated to these issues, strengthened our action plans, and formalised our results. We have also defined a responsible investment approach centred around four objectives:

This approach is reflected in our portfolio and guides all our decision-making.

Almost ten years after this ambition was formulated, we are proud to be able to demonstrate our track record of supporting companies involved in the economic, social and environmental development of the continent. This report summarises our approach as a responsible investor, and demonstrates our key results across these four pillars.

We are proud to share these results with our investors and our entire network of partners, and are working to further improve and strengthen the responsible dimension of our activities. Enjoy your reading!