Case studies

Cleaner cooking solutions

12 January 2018 • Case studies
  • 250.000 homes supplied with gas
  • Combating the premature death of 400,000 women and children every year
  • Reducing deforestation

We financed the growth of a family business run by a woman, supplying butane gas for cooking in Burkina Faso (Sodigaz). Sodigaz APC is the leading distributor of gas cylinders (LPG) in Burkina Faso with a market share of over 60% and a distribution network of 2,200 gas retailers.

By extending its distribution network to the whole country and making it accessible to the majority of the population, Sodigaz enables households to move away from harmful and environmentally damaging energy sources for cooking such as charcoal. Charcoal used for cooking in Burkina Faso often comes from illegal deforestation and has a much lower calorific value compared to butane.

A significant co-benefit is that the use of gas prevents the development of diseases generated by the inhalation of smoke from charcoal or firewood, responsible for 8.5% of morbidity in the country. Converting to gas has a significant impact on reducing childhood respiratory diseases.