Small & Mid Caps Africa

Amethis, a leading investor in the most diversified economies of the African continent

€30-200 M
€25-40 M
Ticket size by deal
(up to €100m with coinvestors)
€20-150 M
Enterprise value
majority and minority
Articles 8* & 9** SFDR
EU regulation 2019/2088
*funds that promote environmental or social characteristics
**funds that have a sustainable investment objective

We invest in majority or minority stakes in companies delivering quality goods and services to African consumers, in selected African countries with diversified economies and good governance.

We focus on the continent’s main growth sectors such as healthcare, B2B, industry, consumer goods, non-bank financial services, and services linked to energy and infrastructure.

We give priority to growing family businesses with expansion ambitions and strong diversification potential.

Présence directe dans 14 pays et indirecte dans 31

Our Added Value

Extensive ecosystem and network thanks to offices in both Europe and Africa
Paris – Luxembourg – Casablanca – Nairobi – Cairo – Abidjan

A strong on-the-ground presence across four African capitals
80% of the investment team is Africa-based

Best-in-class Governance
EU-regulated in Luxembourg as an AIFM (Alternative Investment Fund Manager)

Ambitious impact strategy
Amethis adopts a responsible investment approach, promoting international standards in environmental and social management, but also governance, compliance and financial best practices.

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Our Impact in Action

Small & Mid Caps Africa

Amethis supports companies on their gender journey

Small & Mid Caps Africa

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