Amethis sells its stake in the Dislog Group

Casablanca, June 25th, 2019

Amethis announces the sale of its participation in the Dislog Group. The transaction allows Mouncef Belkhayat founder and majority shareholder to regain a controlling equity stake in the company in provision of a new investment cycle.

Founded in 2004 by Mouncef Belkhayat, Dislog was initially the distributor of Procter & Gamble products in rural and semi-urban areas in Morocco.

In 2007, Dislog acquired Comunivers, a subsidiary and the distribution arm of Procter & Gamble in in the Kingdom. The Dislog Group became through the acquisition the exclusive distributor of Procter & Gamble, with a nation-wide coverage in all segments (urban semi-urban and rural retail + distribution wholesale & semi-wholesale).

In 2014, with the entry to the shareholdings of CNAV II fund, now Amethis Maghreb Fund I managed by Amethis since 2018, the Dislog Group substantially grew its business and started to diversify its portfolio by adding food and electronic products distribution.

Dislog Group is now a fully integrated distributor company, leading the Moroccan distribution market and offerings services covering the entire spectrum from sales to distribution of FMCG products thanks to its subsidiaries.

Wilfried Poyet, Director of Investments at Amethis in charge of the transaction declared “It’s a great achievement for Amethis Maghreb Fund I, which was made possible thanks to a close collaboration with the management of the company and especially the ambitious and voluntarist vision of Mr. Moncef Belkhayat “.





The Dislog Group a leading actor in Morocco covering the entire spectrum of the distribution market of FMCG products thanks to the dynamism and professionalism of its team.


About Amethis

Amethis is an investment fund manager dedicated to the African continent, with an investment capacity exceeding €725m, founded in partnership with the Edmond de Rothschild Group. Amethis brings growth capital to promising midcap champions in a diversity of sectors throughout the African continent. As an active shareholder, Amethis offers key support and expertise through its international network, its opportunities of external growth and its value-added governance.

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