Ramco Plexus

Ramco GroupWith more than 29 years of experience in the printing and packaging sector, Ramco Plexus is a consortium of 9 companies and is part of the Ramco Group. It provides a fully integrated solution for the printing and packaging sector in Kenya.

The Ramco Group was started in 1948 as a hardware store by the late Rambhai Patel and since its inception has grown to be a conglomerate of 34 companies pre-dominantly in Kenya and with a footprint in the rest of East Africa. Ramco Group has diverse interests covering the manufacturing, trading and service sectors. This family business has a combined workforce of 3’000 people, and an annual turnover of US$265 million dollars and has been recognized as one of the leading family business in Africa. The companies that fall under Ramco Plexus have a combined annual turnover of US$62 million and a workforce of over 1’200.

Whilst the Ramco Plexus companies are relatively recent compared to their long-standing competitors, they have managed to differentiate themselves by providing a modern and innovative product portfolio to the market thanks to large investments in state-of-the-art equipment and a proactive management led by the third generation of the Rambhai family. Ramco Plexus now ranks in the top 3 in almost all their businesses and are gaining market shares every year. Amethis will bring value-added in various areas to support the company’s in its regional strategy and to consolidate its leading position in its market.

Role and added value of Amethis

Amethis will be an active shareholder by supporting the implementation of Ramco Plexus’ strategy as well as improving the Group’s governance, to build an African leader in the printing and packaging sector.